I believe problems are born out of the stories we tell ourselves. The tales we weave in our head -- about who we are, how the world is, why other people do what they do -- trap us in psychological cages of isolation, which ultimately lead to depression and confusion. Sometimes it's as simple as problem-solving; a logical conversation can led to quick and lasting change. Other times, our stories of pain run deeper -- literally reformatting our brain, paralyzing our actions and making our bodies sick.


That is why each and every treatment plan I create is as unique as the individual or couple that I am treating. In our work together, we will utilize traditional talk therapy -- along with aspects of narrative re-authoring, identity empowerment, art therapy and the cognitive sciences (EMDR) in order to overcome what holds you back. Because, while I cannot fix your problems, I can empower you to rewrite the stories that keep you from reclaiming the life you deserve to lead.

Performed in Individual, Couples, Youth & Family formats.

40-minute, 50-minute & 75-minute sessions.

$160/hour WITH discount pacKAGES AVAILABLE.

OUT-OF-NETWORK Insurance superbills provided upon psychological intake.

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