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How do I know if I need individual, couples or family therapy? That is something we will jointly decide as we build a treatment plan. We will bring whoever is needed into our sessions to disarm and overcome the obstacles that we face. Individual therapy often morphs into couples therapy or family therapy and vice versa, depending on a Client's needs. I encourage everyone who is interested in therapy to attend the initial intake session, if possible.

How long do I have to be in therapy before I see results? Because therapeutic treatment plans are designed specifically to fit the needs of each individual, the answer to that questions depends on your unique goals and struggles. Some of my Clients have come to see me every week since I first opened my practice; other people get what they need in as little as two to three sessions. I generally like to see my Clients weekly until we get the problem(s) under control and then titrate to bi-weekly, then monthly, then as-needed sessions for maintenance work.

How long are therapy sessions? I conduct sessions in 40-minute, 50-minute and 75-minute formats. We will discuss what best fits your mental health needs during our initial intake session.

When do you see Clients? My flexible office hours are designed to meet the eclectic needs of my Clients. I see clients during day, evening and weekend hours. Home visits and phone therapy are also options.

My child/partner/sibling needs therapy but won't go. What do I do? Forcing an individual into therapy when they do not want to be there can often have adverse psychological effects and (at times) even worsen the problem. I encourage you to book a joint session and come together. Do not look at it as a long-term commitment but rather a one-time venture to experiment with the process. If they refuse to attend, consider leading by example and booking an appointment for yourself. Problems do not live in isolation and you are probably in need of support, as well.

Can we do therapy over the phone? If you cannot make it into the office, I also offer therapy services via phone, Skype, text and email. We can discuss this option in our initial intake session.

How much does therapy cost? Standard sessions are $160/hour, but I do have reduced sliding scale and scholarship spots, pending availability and Client needs. Please contact my office to discuss your financial needs and possible payment options.

How do I pay for therapy? I accept payment in cash, check and credit cards -- due at the time end of each session. If someone else [eg: parent, partner, employer] are paying for your sessions, they may do so by signing a release and keeping a credit card on file.

What if I cannot make it to session? During treatment, you will hold a weekly time slot that is your own [example: Wednesdays at 10:10am or Fridays at 2:40pm]. If you must cancel or change your session, I ask that you honor my 48-hour cancellation policy. Failure to do so will result in you being charged your session fee in full.

Do you accept insurance? While I do not accept insurance directly, I do provide super-bills* which can be used in many out-of-network plans and health-flex spending accounts. We will discuss this process in our initial intake session and discuss the costs and benefits in accessing your insurance policy.

Does therapy actually work? With direction, motivation and desire, yes! While the best outcome to a problem is often unpredictable, change through therapy is inevitable.

How do I book my first appointment? You may book an initial intake session under the "Scheduling" tab above -- and I look forward to working with you on this exciting journey!

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