Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

 Michael Anthony-Nalepa 

If you're looking for a therapist who will read inspirational quotes and repeatedly ask "But how do you feel about that?", I'm not the therapist for you. I look at psychotherapy like personal training for the psyche, spirit and soul. We're here to work! Because let's face it; by the time you've started googling "Los Angeles therapist help asap!", you've tried everything. Whether it's relationship issues, addiction, depression, negative self-talk, financial problems, low self-esteem, anything and everything in between -- you've done your best to fix it... but that hasn't worked -- and that's where I (hopefully) come in. So let's get to work and leave the inspirational memes to Facebook.

PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY: Michael Anthony-Nalepa is a best-selling author, nationally‐recognized anti‐bullying advocate, and affiliate professor of addiction studies and psychology. He graduated with a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University with a dual specialization in Therapeutic Program Development and LGBTQIA‐Affirmative Therapy.

He currently works in his own private practice (Therapy UnScripted) as a licensed clinical psychotherapist, as well as serves as and LGBT Specialist trainer at Southern California Counseling Center.

In 2010, Nalepa left his job as a talent executive in television news and launched the nationally-recognized AnonymoUS Initiative -- an anti‐bullying non‐profit program dedicated to helping all people come to terms with their inner‐bully through art therapy and community action.


An educator and public speaker, Nalepa now travels the country giving award‐winning psychology workshops for high schools, non‐profit organizations and educational groups. As a wellness journalist, Nalepa's work has been featured on/in NBC News, NPR, Glamour, The Advocate, Reader's Digest, TV Guide, LA Weekly and Frontiers Magazine. His syndicated mental health & sex‐positivity column ran nationally for six years, and his first two books (The Anthology of AnonymoUS) were Amazon bestseller. 

His therapeutic practices utilize a unique blend of story-telling, cognitive science and systems practices, along with applied community psychology and art therapy work to achieve his ultimate aim: "Through community action and activism, I want to help people see that they are not alone. Even in our darkest moments, we are never alone...and sometimes that's all we need to know." 

M.A., LMFT, ExDir


4221 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 320, Los Angeles

Board of Behavioral Science California License Number: 101240